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  • 我是一个具有魅力、吸引力的人,并且我相信我一定会成功。
  • 我是一个非常成功的人,我过着平衡式成功的人生。
  • 成功致富的机会不断地被我吸引而来。
  • 成功一定是属于我的,因为我是值得的。
  • 我拥有大量的财富,我的生命充满了快乐和希望。
  • 我拥有无与伦比的自信和魅力。

Job Experience

There is no work for the time being. | 2013-2017.
Not yet graduated. | Graduated in 2017.


Pharmaceutical engineering | Guangxi university of science and technology.


Web Design
Programming technology


Enjoy communication

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My major is pharmaceutical engineering, I like programming, especially the website design. I started my website design from the third year of the University in the second semester. Spare time through the online tutorials and library resources to learn. Because I don't have any programming foundation, so my study progress is very slow. First learn the HTML tag, and then learn CSS3, both combined effect is very good, each time with the completion of the code to complete a small program, the sense of achievement is more and more.

Then continue to learn JavaScript, JavaScript learning process is very hard.Then continue to learn JavaScript, JavaScript learning process is very hard. Learn the JavaScript as well as learning jQuery, and then learn the framework of bootstrap. Holidays also learn PHP, follow the tutorial to do a blog system and message boards, know the point PHP and MySQL combination method.

Now is mainly in the spare time to carry out the project practice, improve their own level, after graduation may seek work in this direction.